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Car Accidents: An Overview

California is notorious for its open highways and lots of traffic. When an accident happens, most people aren’t exactly sure what they are supposed to do. It is always in your best interest to talk to an experienced attorney who can guide you in the right direction. The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein has been helping clients throughout California for over 30 years.

Aggressive Representation From Beginning to End

From a simple fender bender to a serious accident, you need proper legal representation. Attorney Robert Wallenstein will gather all necessary evidence including photos, video, police reports, medical and wage documentation and all other information to present the full scope of your case in the best possible and well-documented light. Mr. Wallenstein will handle all communications with the insurance companies and/or their attorneys, and devote his personal attention to all aspects of your injury claim.

Sometimes, the biggest piece of the puzzle is determining who is at fault. Even if you are partially responsible for causing your accident, you still may be eligible for compensation including for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

In other cases, where the other party is clearly at fault or even admitted to being at fault, the challenging part is to prove the full extent of the injury victim’s damages and to get the other side to see and then pay the full value. That’s’ where 30 plus years of personal injury experience comes in.

The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein

Equally important and included in the legal services he provides, Mr. Wallenstein often helps his clients find the right medical professional to treat their injuries in a way that ensures the high quality medical care Mr. Wallenstein believes his clients deserve, all at a reasonable price. If his clients do not have health insurance or prefer to go outside their health plan, Mr. Wallenstein will assist the client in finding a skilled medical professional who will wait to get paid until the case resolves. As the case nears resolution, Mr. Wallenstein works to ensure his clients do not overpay for their medical care or get stuck having to reimburse health insurance carriers for anything more than they are entitled to.

Injuries can take months if not years, to heal. In most (but not all) cases it is best to wait until the injury victim has concluded all of their medical care related to the accident, before trying to resolve the injury portion of the claim. Nevertheless, in virtually all cases it is best to get an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney involved at the very outset of the claim. Mr. Wallenstein finds that he can best represent the client when he is hired at the outset, to prevent problems from happening to and damaging the claim, as opposed to trying to repair problems that may have occurred before he gets involved. Because Mr. Wallenstein works on a contingency fee basis, his fee remains the same whether he gets involved early or late in the claim.

Insurance companies are notorious for offering injury victims a quick cash payout, long before the victim even knows how badly they have been hurt, how long their injuries will last or what their medical expenses and/or lost earnings will even be. A victim should not be tempted by these quick and almost certainly “lowball” offers, and avoid being victimized again. The insurance companies make these early, unreasonably low, fast offers to get out of the case cheap, before the victim speaks with an experienced lawyer and knows their rights. They do this to save themselves money, NOT because with them “you are in good hands”, or are being treated “fast, fair and friendly”. They are NOT “on your side” and not acting “as a good neighbor”. Despite the millions they spend on advertising to ingrain these slogans into the public thinking, they are acting in the insurance companies’ own financial interest, not the interests of the injured victim. And they are really, really good at it. That is why injury victims need to level the playing field by having a skilled, experienced and aggressive attorney on their side.

Whether it is going to court or negotiating out of court, Mr. Wallenstein will help you through every step of the process. Insurance companies will try to close your case with the minimum settlement. Let an experienced attorney fight to get you what you deserve.

The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein

Trust an Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen, and the results can be catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, it is critical to talk to an attorney who understands California’s complex personal injury laws. The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein has been fighting for injured clients' rights for over 30 years.

Lane Splitting, While Legal, Can Cause Accidents

“Lane Splitting” is when a motorcyclist rides between two lanes of stopped or slower moving traffic. Although illegal in some other states, in California motorcyclists are legally allowed to lane split when it is “reasonably safe to do so”. However, even when it appears safe to lane split, other vehicle drivers may not see the motorcyclist due to inattention or being distracted and make an unsafe lane change resulting in often terrible and sometimes tragic injuries to the motorcyclist. To add insult to these injuries, the insurance companies and their attorneys usually will try to blame the accident on the motorcyclist, even though the motorcyclist was following the law. Having an attorney such as Mr. Wallenstein, with 30 plus years exclusively representing personal injury victims, and who also happens to have regularly ridden motorcycles himself for over 40 years, helps to get justice in an otherwise unjust situation.

The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein
The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein

Vehicle Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Legal claims following vehicle accidents are subject to California’s negligence laws. Anyone found to have negligently operated a motor vehicle may be responsible for damages and compensate an injured victim. Personal injury cases involving vehicle accidents may be resolved before a lawsuit is filed through an informal settlement or may become formalized through civil court proceedings.

Vehicle accidents can include car accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle, pedestrian and truck accidents, to name a few.

Anyone injured by a drunk driver may bring a claim for punitive damages against the responsible defendant.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents Require Experienced Representation

The law of negligence also governs legal claims involving pedestrians. Pedestrians are generally afforded the right of way when they are walking across an intersection or street. Ordinances governing cyclists’ right, of course, can vary from city to city throughout California.

A pedestrian or cyclist could file a lawsuit and receive compensation for their injuries if someone else’s negligence caused or contributed to the incident. Negligence is the legal term for the failure to behave reasonably to protect others from foreseeable risks of their actions or inactions.

Robert Wallenstein helps clients meet the legal requirements necessary to receive fair compensation under California law.

The Law Offices of Robert Wallenstein